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Prone to Violence: Chapter one

Erin Pizzey is the world’s greatest pioneer into the subject of intimate partner violence (IPV). She is the great ground-breaker in both research about and service provision to the victims. From her book,
Prone to Violence, she shows us just how off track we currently are in dealing with IPV.


Refuting 40 years of lies about domestic violence

In 1971 Erin Pizzey founded the very first battered women’s shelter in the world. She had no idea what would be coming her way for her troubles, including death threats, bomb threats and multiple stalking.

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Why women’s shelters are hotbeds of gender hatred

From Germany, Dr. Gerhard Amendt contributes a scathing indictment of the modern domestic violence zeitgeist in that nation. It is a paradigm precisely mirrored across western culture. He includes proposals for a revamped approach to the problem.

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VAWA attacks men – Not violence

Dr. Gordon Finley takes a discerning look at the Violence Against Women Act and concludes is offers little other than a way to destroy families and burn bridges between men and women.